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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Education in Vietnam

Education in Vietnam is very important and taken very seriously. The culture has a great respect for learning and understanding what is taught. Education was first primarily for social mobility between north and the south. But now it has become much more than that. They start very young in Vietnam. Need to be in school for a 6 day week by the age of 5. This is a lot of time but sometimes the schools need to cute days back to half days because of over crowding. Education is one of the only ways that you could improve your life in Vietnam. Families will sacrifice almost anything to make sure their children get an education.  So though children start working young they are probably still going to school or some type of education. Unlike here there is placement and depending how you do there are many different paths you can take( you can see an example at the bottom of this post).There are many steps in ones education as you can see from the diagram below and though many people go to a college only 11% of students go to a university because they are only private and are quite expensive. Currently the government is giving 20% of all the governments money to education. Which is a huge amount. This shows even more how education mean so much to them.

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